Norton Christian Spiritualist Church

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Our Aim

To bring our loved ones close.  To prove that only the physical body dies and our spirit lives on, and of healing by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Healing is available after every service, and all of our services offer a warm and loving welcome.

History Of Our Church

In 1932 Norton Christian Spiritualist Church was opened by its founders, Mr. & Mrs. Ford.

The closing paragraph from then opening speech stated:

"We opened with any amount of enthusiasm and 4s.2d. in the bank.  The church started in an old large shed which we converted ourselves and with no facilities of any sort apart from a room in which we met.  We realised that it was useless to waste any more money on premises which were not our own and which could be regarded as a stop gap."

With help from spirit guides "sunrise" and "chang", the present day church was built.
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