Norton Christian Spiritualist Church

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For existing people who have installed the Zoom software

If you have installed the zoom you don't need to do anything but click on the links below for date and time of the service to enter the room.  If you get a message your waiting for the host then that is fine and the service will start soon.

For new people to install the Zoom software:

We are now going to be using Zoom online to host our virtual church services while COVID-19 restrictions are in place.  To access the service via your computer please ensure you have a web camera and microphone, click the link and install the software on the website when prompted.

For mobile phones and tablets, download Zoom on your phone on the playstore or appstore, once installed click the link relevant to the time and date of the service below and the room will open..


How to donate

We are asking for your help during this time with donations while we are isolated with the COVID19 pandemic.  If you can support the church please do so as this will help with running costs at the church.  Love and light, The Committee


Zoom Links

Please can we ask if you are joining our services that you remain on camera during the service on zoom.  We don't want to but anyone who cannot stay on camera will have to be removed from the room and wont be able to re-join the current service taking place on zoom until the next session.

May 2021

Date & Time
 02/05/21 - Sun - 6.30pm
 Annette Lake
 04/05/21 - Tues - 7.30pm
 Lawrence Saville
 06/05/21 - Thurs - 7.30pm
 Open Circle
 09/05/21 - Sun - 6.30pm
 Lyndsey Percival
 10/05/21 - Mon - 8pm
 Absent Healing
 11/05/21 - Tues - 7.30pm
 Helen Cox Howlett
 13/05/21 - Thurs - 7.30pm
 Open Circle
 16/05/21 - Sun - 6.30pm
 Sharon Hall
 17/05/21 - Mon - 8pm
 Absent Healing
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Open Circle
Thursday (see above for dates of open circles - Currently on Zoom)
7.30pm Start

Everyone is welcome and there is a raffle after the service.  We also offer tea and coffee at the end of the service, so why not join us in our social room after the service?

Special Events & Evenings

Event / Medium
Date / Time


Healing is available after every service.

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